March 28, 2016.

Congratulations to Mollie Hartley who has won our giveaway for the month of March by uploading the below picture to Instagram and tagging #hartleywatches!

Mollie Hartley IG Winner

Mollie has won:

  • 1 x Hartley Watch
  • $100 to the charity of her choice

Chosen Watch

White & Silver timepiece from the Original Range.

Chosen Charity & Why?

"I decided to donate to Bright Blue, the Western Australian Police Commissioner’s Fund for Sick Kids. I have donated to this charity before and my friend in the picture is a paediatric Nurse in the Bronx, NY. So it seems very appropriate." - Mollie. 

Official Receipt of Donation via Hartley Watches

HW $100 donation

Tell us about yourself :)

"I am a Law Graduate living and working in Perth. I work to travel and I am happiest when I have a new adventure planned. I love podcasts, documentaries, making friends, making memories and learning new things." - Mollie.

How did you find out about Hartley Watches?

"When I was in India last year, during one of the brief patches of Wi-Fi, I saw Emily Simms showing off her new Hartley Watch. It looked beautiful and I had to get one, well because, they are stunning and pretty much custom. I ordered my first Hartley Watch sitting in a hammock in Hampi, India. Since then I have given one as a 21st gift, my Mum and Brother both have one, and even my bestie from New York (featured in my winning photo).

I love my black original Hartley Watch, and not only because we bear the same name. Watches are my favourite accessory and I wear my Hartley every day, whether it be during the week while I undertake my practical legal training or enjoying the weekend. The leather is long lasting and very comfortable and the time piece still keeps up with my iPhone. I have had other big faced watch before, but I find both the Hartley Original and Classic rage so comfortable and they bring out the compliments.

Looking forward to taking my new watch to Europe; the adventures of @hearthartley and her #HartleyWatch.- Mollie.

We can't wait to see your many adventures in Europe too, congratulations on winning once again! :)